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The company Anvela has been operating on the market for more than 30 years, producing textile products.

For the past 15 years, we have specialized in producing protective textile covers for light, small, sport aircraft and helicopters from the unique, high-quality, strong material called ANVELON®.

The seat of our company is in Uherský Brod (Czech Republic), close to the airport in Kunovice, which allows us to test the covers and consult their properties directly with the pilots.

We approach customers individually. We have many cuts for different types of aircraft in our database. We will make a custom-made cut for you if you have special requirements.

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To ensure the highest quality, we rely on our own research and development and subsequent production from the highest quality materials, which is how Anvelon was born. This material was developed in cooperation with the surface treatment test center and after many consultations with pilots and sport aircraft manufacturers. Covers made from our material stand out for their lightness, strength and space-saving design.

Our covers serve as a safe protection against the weather: when parking aircraft at airports or in hangars from dust, moisture and bird droppings, the acid of which damages the surface of metal and laminate aircraft.

The unique ANVELON® material has outstanding properties, such as:

  • lightweight
  • strength
  • water resistance (up to 30cm)
  • antifungal treatment
  • frost resistance
  • high strength and exceptional lightness
  • high breathability to prevent surface corrosion
  • excellent ratio of strength, lightness and weight
What we offer


We manufacture covers for entire aircraft, cockpits or other parts.

Individual covers are precisely adapted to the fuselage and other parts of the aircraft so that the cover fits perfectly on the aircraft. On request, the covers can also be made with a synthetic lining for even greater surface protection, which you will especially appreciate, for example, during service work or in winter.

Our range also includes aviation and pilot accessories, various bags for storing on-board documents, tailor-made suitcases and practical bags.

We are also able to make you a cover for anything else if you give us the exact measurements.

We can offer all covers in 2 variants: summer or winter. The summer cover is made of ANVELON®, and the winter one is made of ANVELON® with an additional lining or of a stronger softshell.

Printing your company logo on the covers in any color is possible. The primary color of the ANVELON® material is silver and dark blue.

Anvelon without lining is the lightest possible option that takes up the least amount of space on the plane.

Cover for the cockpit – long

extended from propeller to antenna


Cover for the cockpit



Cover for the engine


Cover for the entire aircraft

Cover for the wings


Cover for the horizontal elevators


Cover for the fuselage

up to rudder/including rudder

Engine warming cover

Seat cushion from sheep’s wool

Pockets for maps

Covers for the pitot tubes

Briefcases – case for documents

Suitcase for the trunk


Cases for pilots

Cases for maps


Car cover

Cover for solar panels

Cover for solar panel

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Our customers

We ship our products worldwide and are always happy to receive positive feedback. We have selected for you several references from regular customers and partners.

We will happily show you further examples of work and references in a personal or video meeting. So don’t be afraid to contact us.

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Yes, we provide summer and winter covers for aircraft.

Yes, the edges of the cover for the wings are reinforced, providing protection during aircraft handling in the hangar.

The full cover for the aircraft weighs …. kg.

The short cabin cover for low-wing aircraft weights 0.50 Kg.

Yes, we also provide the sewing of every separate part.


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